Right to privacy or not?

Interesting article discussing the right to privacy in certain situations when taking photos. Check it out, would love to hear your thoughts. Would you have taken this photo and published if you were the photographer?


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Human Bodies in Motion!


Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama provides us with a cool showcase of photography. The project titled “Nude” displays stunning images of motion using multiple composite images. Find out more via PetaPixel.

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Our Beautiful First Lady -not my photo VOTE 2012!!!!!!!

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Rebirth of the Polaroid..”The Impossible Project”

Cool vid on the journey of bringing back film specifically made for polaroid cameras.


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If you’re in the DMV anytime soon be sure to check out this cool exihibit featured at the Mansion at Strathmore in Bethesda.  A variety of tattoo artists and photographers displayed works of art dedicated to showing off the largest organ on the body…skin. Featured artists included Robby Latos displaying his amazing black and grey tattoo portraits to beautiful photography from “The Coiffure Project” by Bmore’s own Glenford Nunez.  Most artists were on hand at the reception to talk about their work along with live henna demonstrations and free temporary tattoos for guests.  The exhibit runs now through November 3, 2012.  For more info visit http://www.strathmore.org

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Our President

photo courtesy: Lisa Jack

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iPhone mania or bust?

So the cat is out of the bag! The details of the iPhone 5 have been released! New features include a thinner design, 4 inch display screen, LTE service, panaramic mode camera features, upgraded A6 chip, and more.  However, many are asking if it is worth the upgrade? Some critics suggest maybe not. Apple says it is “the best thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”.  Will the new model be the best smartphone to hit the market yet? Only time will tell.

photo: Google images

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